September 22, 2021

MGF lv1b HR CDF Product


MGF lv1b HR CDF Product

The MGF lv1b HR CDF Product is a daily product, providing MGF magnetic field data at 160 Hz, along with associated parameters.

Reference documents:
Swarm-Echo MGF lv1b Data Product Description
Swarm-Echo MGF lv1b Data Calibration Validation Report
Swarm-Echo MGF lv1b Release Notes

The Common Data Format (CDF) file is written to the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ISTP) standard. This CDF file contains the following fields:

CalInboardInboard sensor 3×4 calibration matrix
CalOutboardOutboard sensor 3×4 calibration matrix
Timestamp Time of observation (UTC, represented as CDF epoch in milliseconds since year zero)
SyncStatusTime synchronization status, source and quality
LatitudeCASSIOPE position in ITRF – Geocentric latitude (deg)
LongitudeCASSIOPE position in ITRF – Geocentric longitude (deg)
RadiusCASSIOPE position in ITRF – Geocentric Radius (m)
B_inboard_CRFInboard sensor magnetic field vector, CRF (spacecraft) frame (nT)
label_B_inbrdComponent label inboard CRF
B_outboard_CRFOutboard sensor magnetic field vector, CRF (spacecraft) frame (nT)
label_B_outbrdComponent label outboard CRF
B_CRFMagnetic field vector, CRF (spacecraft) frame (nT) , ignore if q_Flags >= 128
label_B_CRFComponent label NEC
B_NEC_OutMagnetic field vector, NEC frame (nT) , NaN if Flags_B >= 128
label_B_NECComponent label CRF
B_model_NECCHAOS Model magnetic field vector, NEC frame (nT)
label_modelComponent label NEC
dB_otherMagnetic stray field correction vector of all sources, CRF (spacecraft) frame (nT)
B_error_InB component error estimates for Inboard sensor, CRF frame (nT)
label_B_err_InComponent label CRF
B_error_OutB component error estimates for outboard sensor, CRF frame (nT)
label_B_err_OutComponent label CRF
q_NEC_CRFQuaternion transformation: NEC <– CRF, scalar last
Att_errorError estimates on attitude information (mdeg)
Flags_BBit flags for measurement issues:
0 = no flagged issues
4 = clipped measurement replaced with interpolated value
64 = padding around active magnetotorquer times
128 = padding around active magnetotorquer times
Flags_qBit flags for attitude information:
0 = no flagged issues
1 = padding around rotations above 0.030 deg/sec
2 = spacecraft rotating more than 0.030 deg/sec
16 = padding for missing definitive attitude
32 = missing definitive attitude solution
Flags_PlatformError flags for Spacecraft platform
0 = no issues