March 19, 2021

FAI Quick Look Plot


FAI Quick Look Plot

The FAI QL is an mp4 video, which is an amalgamation of all the images taken during an FAI pass. It contains three sections.

The upper left section is the infrared or visible camera image which shows the universal time, the length of the exposure, the FAI operating mode, FAI CCD temperature and just below is the lv1 hdf5 file title that was used for this snapshot of data.

The upper right section shows a detailed map of CASSIOPE’s geophysical location, path, field of view and auroral zone. The red dot is the location of the sub-satellite point, and the blue X’s are locations of 1-minute intervals. The field of view of the FAI cameras is shown by a black outline.

The third section is across the bottom left of the video. This shows the altitude, latitude, longitude, magnetic latitude, and magnetic local time of both the physical position of CASSIOPE, and the IGRF magnetic footprint at approximate auroral emission altitude.