December 23, 2016


The CASSIOPE/e-POP project is a collaborative effort of researchers from several Canadian and foreign universities and research institutes, as well as Canadian industry.

The e-POP Science Team is composed of members from the following universities and research organizations:

University of Calgary University of New Brunswick University of Alberta
University of Saskatchewan University of Western Ontario York University
Athabasca University University of British Columbia Royal Military College of Canada
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency U.S. Naval Research Laboratory University of New Hampshire


Industrial partners participating in e-POP include:

MDA Magellean Aerospace Burley Scientific COM DEV
(a division of Honeywell)
Magnametrics MEISEI SpaceX Keo Consulting
Coastal Optical Design
(now JENOPTIK Optical Systems, Inc.)
Bennest Enterprises Narod Geophysics


Funding for CASSIOPE/e-POP is provided by the European Space Agency through the 3rd Party Missions Program.

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