December 23, 2016


Planning for e-POP operations is done at the e-POP Science Operations Center (eSOC), hosted at the University of Calgary. Members of the Science Team submit their experiment requests to eSOC who then create an operational timeline for the payload each day. The plan is submitted to the Mission Operation System (MOS), also hosted at UCalgary, who verify safety requirements and prepare tables to be uploaded to the spacecraft.

Contact with CASSIOPE is generally once per day (down from four times per day at the peak of the mission), for 10-15 minutes each, depending on the satellite track over the ground station in use. MOS connects with the satellite to upload command timelines, attitude profiles, and any other housekeeping data. In turn the spacecraft sends down past health and safety data along with the science data acquired by the e-POP payload.

The raw e-POP data captured is sent to eSOC for processing, archival, and dissemination. The public has free and open access to all of the data, see the data page for more details.