December 23, 2016

e-POP Payload

The e-POP payload consists of eight scientific instruments. Together, they are enabling scientists to explore near-Earth space in greater detail.

Instrument Description PI Scientific Output
CER Coherent EM Radio Tomography Bernhardt Electron content
FAI Fast Auroral Imager Howarth Infrared and visible images
GAP GPS Attitude and Profiling Experiment Langley Spacecraft position and attitude
IRM Imaging and Rapid-Scanning Ion Mass Spectrometer Yau Low energy ion detection
MGF Fluxgate Magnetometer Miles 3-D magnetic field and currents
NMS Neutral Mass Spectrometer Hayakawa 0.1-2km/s neutral particles
RRI Radio Receiver Instrument James Radio wave propagation
SEI Suprathermal Electron Imager Knudsen Low energy electron detection

The e-POP instruments on CASSIOPE

The e-POP instruments are supported by Cascade, the companion commercial payload on CASSIOPE, which permits the on-board storage of up to 75 GB of e-POP data. This data can be downlinked to the ground at a rate of over 300 Mbits/s, allowing the e-POP payload to capture up to 15 GB per day of valuable scientific data.