December 23, 2016

Science Team

e-POP Science Team

Photo of attendees of the 12th e-POP Science Team meeting.
Back row: Dr. Donald Danskin, Dr. John MacDougall, Andrew White, Luc Dubé, Dr. Hing-Lan Lam, Dr. Bernie Shizgal, Dr. Donald Muldrew, Dr. Robert Rankin, Dr. Jean-Pierre St. Maurice.
Middle row: Greg Enno, Dr. Jonathan Burchill, Andrew Howarth, Dr. John Ma, Dr. Paul Prikryl, Dr. Jim Laframboise, Dr. Ludmila Kagan, Dr. Martin Connors, Dr. P.T. Jayachandran, Dr. Robert Hum, Dr. Richard Giroux.
Front row: Dr. Don Wallis, Dr. David Knudsen, Dr. Paul Bernhardt, Dr. Andrew Yau, Dr. Hajime Hayakawa, Dr. Richard Langley, Dr. Leroy Cogger, Dr. Gordon James.

The e-POP Science Team was formed prior to launch of the CASSIOPE spacecraft, but is no longer acting as a formalized group. It was comprised of members from 11 Canadian and 3 international universities and research organizations.

The Team was led by Dr. Andrew Yau as Mission Scientist and Project Leader, and by Dr. Gordon James as Deputy Mission Scientist.

Several of the team members led the development of the e-POP instruments: these include Drs. Peter Amerl, Paul Bernhardt, Leroy Cogger, Hajime Hayakawa, Gordon James, David Knudsen, Richard Langley, Sandy Murphree, Don Wallis, and Andrew Yau.

Science Team Members at CASSIOPE Launch:
Takumi Abe1, Peter Amerl, Paul Bernhardt2, David Boteler3, Leroy Cogger4, Martin Connors5,Donald Danskin3, Eric Donovan4, Abdelhaq Hamza6, Hajime Hayakawa1, Robert Horita7,Glen Hussey8, Gordon James, P.T. Jayachandran6, Ludmila Kagan9, Don Kim6, David Knudsen4, Sasha Kostov8, Jim Laframboise10,Richard Langley6, Marc Lessard11,John MacDougall9, Karim Meziane6, David Miles14,John McMahon10, Sandy Murphree4, Jean-Marc Noël12, W.K. Petersen13, Paul Prikryl,Robert Rankin14,Bernie Shizgal15, Carl Siefring2, George Sofko8,Jean-Pierre St. Maurice8, Trond Trondsen, Koichiro Tsuruda1, Don Wallis, Clare Watt14,Andrew Yau4

1JAXA/ISAS, Japan 2Naval Research Laboratory, USA
3Natural Resources Canada 4University of Calgary 5Athabasca University 6University of New Brunswick
7University of Victoria 8University of Saskatchewan
9University of Western Ontario 10York University
11University of New Hampshire, USA 12Royal Military Collage of Canada
13University of Colorado 14University of Alberta
15University of British Columbia

Payload Integration, Testing, and Operations Team:
Andrew Howarth, Andrew White, Troy Kachor, Warren Holley, Paige Rutledge, University of Calgary