January 2, 2017

e-POP Contacts

Andrew YauMission Scientist and Project Lead
Dr. Andrew W. Yau

University of Calgary
Gordon JamesDeputy Mission Scientist
Dr. Gordon James

Greg Ennoe‑POP Technical Leader
Greg Enno

University of Calgary
eSOCe‑POP Science Operation Center (eSOC)

University of Calgary
Paul Bernhardt CER Principal Investigator
Dr. Paul Bernhardt

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Leroy CoggerFAI Principal Investigator
Dr. Leroy Cogger

University of Calgary
Richard LangleyGAP Principal Investigator
Dr. Richard Langley

University of New Brunswick
Andrew YauIRM Principal Investigator
Dr. Andrew W. Yau

University of Calgary
Don WallisMGF Principal Investigator
Dr. Don Wallis
Hajime HayakawaNMS Principal Investigator
Dr. Hajime Hayakawa

Institute of Space and Astronautical Science / Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Gordon JamesRRI Principal Investigator
Dr. Gordon James

David KnudsenSEI Principal Investigator
Dr. David Knudsen

University of Calgary
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