March 26, 2024

e-POP Data

Available Data Products

Below is a list of the available published data products for the e-POP data set.

CASSIOPE/Swarm-E Spacecraft Products

Ephemeris Data
Orbit Data
Quaternion Data
Housekeeping Telemetry Data

e-POP Payload Products

Data Availability
Payload Quicklook

Auroral Imager (FAI)

Summary Plot
Quicklook Movie
HDF5 Files of Images
PNG Files of Images

Magnetic Field Instrument (MGF)

Summary Plot
Quicklook Plot
CHAOS Residuals Plot
CDF File – Magnetic Data @ 1Hz
CDF File – Magnetic Data @ 160Hz

GPS Instrument (GAP)

Quicklook Plot
Raw GPS Messages
Observation RINEX
Navigation RINEX
Line of Sight TEC
Topside Vertical TEC

Ion Mass Spectrometer (IRM)

Summary Plot
Quicklook Plot
Surface Sensor Current

Radio Receiver Instrument (RRI)

Quicklook Plot
HDF File – Antenna Voltage Data

Coherent Electromagnetic Radio Tomography Beacon (CERTO)

Quicklook Plot
TEC between satellite and receiver

Suprathermal Electron Imager (SEI)

Summary Plot
Quicklook Movie

e-POP Data Handbook

A document describing the available processed e-POP data products. Each processed data product has a high-level description of the file, and the detailed information required when working with the data.

e-POP Data Explorer: eDEx

The most powerful and efficient way to find and download e-POP data in most cases, eDEx is a complex comprehensive constraint-based filtering webapp tool, which filters on geophysical, spacecraft, and payload constraints.
An API is also available for automated requests.

e-POP Payload Quicklook

A tool to generate custom e-POP quicklook stackplots. It provides a custom output product based on requested quicklook plots and time range.
Useful for comparing data from different instruments on the same timescale.

e-POP Data Web Directory

Web-based access via a date-driven folder tree. An easy way to grab files from a specific day and review generated quicklook and summary products. No login required.

e-POP Ephemeris Library

Python package to fetch ephemeris data for the Swarm-E spacecraft.

Includes routines for accessing attitude, position, velocity, altitude, attitude quaternions, and eclipse information. Also includes routines for performing frame rotations and coordinate transformations.

This package is used in the creation of all higher-level e-POP products.

Download Here:

Also installable using pip:

pip3 install

Coming soon to PyPi!

e-POP Data Tutorials

Python Jupyter Notebook format to aid with reading and basic plotting of the various e-POP data sets.

Publication Data

For publication-quality data products please contact the relevant instrument PI. Contact information can be found on the contact page.

Coordinated Science Campaigns

A complete list of coordinated science campaigns can be found here.