January 2, 2017

e-POP Data

e-POP data can be accessed three ways:

  • eDEx
    e-POP Data Explorer application. Find and download data by date, instrument, instrument mode, spacecraft position, geophysical parameter, etc. Java application download required. The most powerful and efficient way to find and download e-POP data in most cases.
  • epop-data.phys.ucalgary.ca
    HTTP access via a date-driven folder tree. Allows for quick look and summary file browsing. All data products are available, no login required.
  • Canadian Space Science Data Portal
    For searching by instrument and date, and for quick look and summary file browsing. Not all lv1+ data products are supported.

e-POP Data Updates

October 10, 2017
The format of the CASSIOPE ephemeris data files has changed for version 9.0+ of the product. Latitude, longitude, magnetic latitude, and magnetic longitude are now given to three decimal places rather than one.

An error in the ephemeris data calculations has been corrected for all dates in 2017. A one-second shift in the GPS time led to errors of ~7.5 km in the position estimate. The correction is applied in version 9.0+ of the CAS_ephemeris_*.txt data products.

The RRI level 1 product has been updated to version 4 to utilize the improved precision of the ephemeris data.

April 22, 2017
e-POP data for January 1 to April 22, 2017, downloaded between January 1 to April 22, 2017, have a timing error of one second. The UTC leap second inserted on December 31, 2016 was not accounted for on the spacecraft, and was corrected on April 22, 2017. If you downloaded files for this time period before April 22, 2017, please re-download the corrected data.

e-POP Data User’s Guide

Download the e-POP Data User’s Guide for descriptions of the e-POP raw and level 1+ data sets, including data formats, quality indicators, algorithms used for generation of level 1+ products, and a guide for use of the e-POP data.

Mailing List

To stay up-to-date on all of the e-POP data product changes, science team meetings, and other news, subscribe to the mailing list.

Publication Data

For publication-quality data products please contact the relevant instrument PI. Contact information can be found on the contact page.

e-POP Data Explorer (eDEx)

eDEx is a desktop application designed to help find e-POP data and related products. Find and filter data by date, instrument type, instrument mode, spacecraft position, geophysical parameter, etc. Complex custom searches are supported!

Download eDEx

eDEx Requirements

  • Java Desktop Runtime Environment Version 8 or above
  • Port 21 (FTP) open to epop-data.phys.ucalgary.ca
  • Port 3306 (SQL) open to epop-data.phys.ucalgary.ca
  • For Mac users: launch application from the terminal with the following syntax:
    java -XstartOnFirstThread -jar eDEx_v1_1_0_macosx.jar

eDEx Documents

e-POP Data Visualization Tools

Below are links to executable IDL save files to visualize level 0 data products (and in the case of FAI and RRI level 1 as well). An installation of IDL 8.2 or greater is required (no license is required for most functions), and can be obtained by contacting Harris Geospacial Solutions. Some tools require the IDL Geopack DLM from Haje Korth to be installed.

FAI: faitools_v2.4.zip
IRM: irmtools_v10.zip
MGF: mgftools_v3.2.zip
RRI: read_rri_lv1_v1.4.zip
SEI: seitools_v1.0.zip