January 2, 2017

e-POP Data

e-POP data can be accessed two ways:

    • eDEx
      e-POP Data Explorer website. Find and download data by date, instrument, instrument mode, spacecraft position, geophysical parameter, etc. The most powerful and efficient way to find and download e-POP data in most cases. Find the e-POP Data Handbook for details on how to access eDEx through our API.
    • epop-data.phys.ucalgary.ca
      HTTP access via a date-driven folder tree. Allows for quick look and summary file browsing. No login required.


e-POP Data Handbook

Go to the e-POP Data Handbook for descriptions of all processed data products produced by CASSIOPE Mission Operations Systems (MOS) and the e-POP Science Operations Center (eSOC).

Publication Data

For publication-quality data products please contact the relevant instrument PI. Contact information can be found on the contact page.

e-POP Data Explorer (eDEx)

eDEx is a web application designed to help find e-POP data and related products. Find and filter data by date, instrument type, instrument mode, spacecraft position, geophysical parameter, etc. Complex custom searches are supported!

eDEx Web

e-POP Payload Quicklook

A powerful tool to show correlations across multiple parameters by displaying multiple plots in one image.

Payload Quicklook

e-POP Data Tutorials

Below are Python tutorials in Jupyter Notebook format to aid with reading and basic plotting of the various e-POP data sets. You can either run the .ipynb files in your Python Jupyter Notebook installation, or you can follow along using the PDF version.

TutorialJupyter Notebook FilePDF File
Bus TelemetryCASSIOPE bus tlm tutorial v1.0.ipynbCASSIOPE bus tlm tutorial v1.0.pdf
Ephemeris DataCASSIOPE ephemeris data tutorial v1.0.ipynbCASSIOPE ephemeris data tutorial v1.0.pdf
FAICASSIOPE FAI tutorial v1.0.ipynbCASSIOPE FAI tutorial v1.0.pdf
GAPCASSIOPE GAP tutorial v1.0.ipynbCASSIOPE GAP tutorial v1.0.pdf
IRMCASSIOPE IRM tutorial v1.0.ipynbCASSIOPE IRM tutorial v1.0.pdf
MGFCASSIOPE MGF tutorial v1.0.ipynbCASSIOPE MGF tutorial v1.0.pdf