March 30, 2021

Bus Telemetry CDF File


Bus Telemetry CDF File

The Bus Telemetry CDF file is a daily product.

The Common Data Format (CDF) file is written to the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ISTP) standard. This CDF file contains many of CASSIOPE’s bus telemetry definitions and their values in binary CDF self describing data.

AttributeCDF Variable Name
Attitude Determination Modeadcs_mode
Time of Bus Attitude Solutionquat_fused_time
Attitude Solution Quaternion Inertial to Body (Scalar)quat_fused_0
Attitude Solution Quaternion Inertial to Bodyquat_fused_1
Attitude Solution Quaternion Inertial to Bodyquat_fused_2
Attitude Solution Quaternion Inertial to Bodyquat_fused_3
Spacecraft X Rotation Raterotation_rate_x
Spacecraft Y Rotation Raterotation_rate_y
Spacecraft Z Rotation Raterotation_rate_z
Spacecraft X Rotation Rate Errorrotation_rate_err_x
Spacecraft Y Rotation Rate Errorrotation_rate_err_y
Spacecraft Z Rotation Rate Errorrotation_rate_err_z
Star Tracker A CCD Temperaturestar_tracker_a_ccd_temp
Star Tracker B CCD Temperaturestar_tracker_b_ccd_temp
Star Sensor A Quaternion (Scalar)star_tracker_a_quat_scalar
Star Sensor A Quaternion 1star_tracker_a_quat_1
Star Sensor A Quaternion 2star_tracker_a_quat_2
Star Sensor A Quaternion 3star_tracker_a_quat_3
Star Sensor B Quaternion (Scalar)star_tracker_b_quat_scalar
Star Sensor B Quaternion 1star_tracker_b_quat_1
Star Sensor B Quaternion 2star_tracker_b_quat_2
Star Sensor B Quaternion 3star_tracker_b_quat_3
Sun Sensor Measured Unit Sun Vector Xcss_sun_vector_unit_x
Sun Sensor Measured Unit Sun Vector Ycss_sun_vector_unit_y
Sun Sensor Measured Unit Sun Vector Zcss_sun_vector_unit_z
Applied Command Torque Force X (Nm)tr_cmdtrq_x
Applied Command Torque Force Y (Nm)tr_cmdtrq_y
Applied Command Torque Force Z (Nm)tr_cmdtrq_z
Total Battery Current (A)batt_curr
Battery Impedancebatt_impedance
Battery Capacitybatt_capacity
Battery Voltage (V)batt_volt
MGF Current (A)mgf_curr
MGF Electronics Box Temperature (°C)mgf_box_temp
MGF Boom Temperature (°C)mgf_boom_temp
Command and Data Handler Temperaturecdh1_temp
Zone 1 Temperatureheater_zone_1_temp
Zone 2 Temperatureheater_zone_2_temp
Battery Temperatureheater_zone_batt_temp
CX 1 Temperatureheater_zone_cx_1_temp
CX 2 Temperatureheater_zone_cx_2_temp
e-POP Panel Temperatureheater_zone_epop_temp
IRM eBox Temperatureheater_zone_irm_temp
MGF eBox Temperatureheater_zone_mgf_temp
CX Data Storage Unit Temperatureheater_zone_mo_dsu_temp
FAI eBox Temperaturefai_temp
GAP eBox Temperaturegap_temp
CERTO eBox Temperaturecer_temp
RRI eBox Temperaturerri_temp
NMS eBox Temperaturenms_temp
Power Control Unit Temperaturepcu_temp
MGF eBox Temperaturemgf_ebox_temp
Wheel 1 Current (A)whl_1_curr
Wheel 2 Current (A)whl_2_curr
Wheel 3 Current (A)whl_3_curr
Wheel 4 Current (A)whl_4_curr
Wheel 1 Temperature (°C)whl_1_temp
Wheel 2 Temperature (°C)whl_2_temp
Wheel 3 Temperature (°C)whl_3_temp
Wheel 4 Temperature (°C)whl_4_temp
Solar Panel 1 Voltage (V) – Voltage from 1/2 of the top solar panelslr_1_volt
Solar Panel 2 Voltage (V) – Combination of the Anti-Ram +Y and the Ram -Y panel voltagesslr_2_volt
Solar Panel 3 Voltage (V) – Combination of the Anti-Ram -Y and the Ram +Y panel voltagesslr_3_volt
Solar Panel 4 Voltage (V) – Voltage from 1/2 of the top solar panelslr_4_volt
Total Solar Panel Current (A)slr_curr
Wheel 1 Speed (Radians/s)whl_1_spd_meas
Wheel 1 Speed Commanded (Radians/s)whl_1_spd_cmd
Wheel 1 Speed Desired (Radians/s)whl_1_spd_des
Wheel 2 Speed (Radians/s)whl_2_spd_meas
Wheel 2 Speed Commanded (Radians/s)whl_2_spd_cmd
Wheel 2 Speed Desired (Radians/s)whl_2_spd_des
Wheel 3 Speed (Radians/s)whl_3_spd_meas
Wheel 3 Speed Commanded (Radians/s)whl_3_spd_cmd
Wheel 3 Speed Desired (Radians/s)whl_3_spd_des
Wheel 4 Speed (Radians/s)whl_4_spd_meas
Wheel 4 Speed Commanded (Radians/s)whl_4_spd_cmd
Wheel 4 Speed Desired (Radians/s)whl_4_spd_des
Wheel 1 Commanded Torquewhl_trq_cmd_1
Wheel 2 Commanded Torquewhl_trq_cmd_2
Wheel 3 Commanded Torquewhl_trq_cmd_3
Wheel 4 Commanded Torquewhl_trq_cmd_4
Wheel 1 Desired Torquewhl_trq_des_1
Wheel 2 Desired Torquewhl_trq_des_2
Wheel 3 Desired Torquewhl_trq_des_3
Wheel 4 Desired Torquewhl_trq_des_4
IRM Current (A)irm_curr
SEI Current (A)sei_curr
GAP Current (A)gap_curr
RRI Current (A)rri_curr
FAI Current (A)fai_curr
CERTO Current (A)cer_curr
NMS Current (A)nms_curr
Bus MAG A Current (A)mag_a_curr
Bus MAG B Current (A)mag_b_curr
Star Sensor Controller A Current (A)ss_a_curr
Star Sensor Controller B Current (A)ss_b_curr
S-band Tx A Current (A)tx_a_curr
S-band Tx B Current (A)tx_b_curr
S-Band Rx A Current (A)rx_a_curr
S-Band Rx B Current (A)rx_b_curr
CDH A Non-Essential Components Current Draw (A)cdh_a_noness_curr
CDH B Non-Essential Components Current Draw (A)cdh_b_noness_curr
PDM 1 Group 1 Heaters Current (A)pdm_1_g1_htr_curr
PDM 1 Group 2 Heaters Current (A)pdm_1_g2_htr_curr
PDM 4 Group 1 Heaters Current (A)pdm_4_g1_htr_curr
PDM 4 Group 2 Heaters Current (A)pdm_4_g2_htr_curr
PDM 5 Group 1 Heaters Current (A)pdm_5_g1_htr_curr
PDM 5 Group 2 Heaters Current (A)pdm_5_g2_htr_curr
CDH Unit Manager A Current (A)cdh_um_a_curr
CDH Unit Manager B Current (A)cdh_um_b_curr
Battery Survival Heater Current (A)batt_surv_htr_curr
CX MO 1 Current (A)cx_mo_1_curr
CX MO 2 Current (A)cx_mo_2_curr
CX TWTA A1 Currentcx_twta_a1_curr
CX TWTA A2 Currentcx_twta_a2_curr
CX TWTA A3 Currentcx_twta_a3_curr
PCU LCL128 Currentlcl128_curr
CX DSU B Currentcx_dsu_b_curr
CDH B Non-Essential Currentcdh_b_ness_curr
Wheel 1 Currentwheel_1_curr
CDH A Tx Port Currentcdh_a_tx_port_curr
Heater PDM1GRP2 Currentheater_pdm1grp2_curr
Heater PDM1GRP1 Currentheater_pdm1grp1_curr
CX Mod B Currentcx_mod_b_curr
PCU LCL228 Currentlcl228_curr
CX RF Switch B Currentcx_rf_switch_b_curr
CX RF Switch A Currentcx_rf_switch_a_curr
CX Rx 2 Currentcx_rx_2_curr
CX Rx 1 Currentcx_rx_1_curr
CDH B Tx Port Currentcdh_b_tx_port_curr
CX Mod A Currentcx_mod_a_curr
Unused Switch Currentunused_switch_curr
LCL328 Currentlcl328_curr
CX Demod B Currentcx_demod_b_curr
Wheel 2 Currentwheel_2_curr
CERTO Currentcerto_curr
Star Sensor DPU A Currentstar_tracker_dpu_a_curr
CX FGU 2 Currentcx_fgu_2_curr
CX FGU 1 Currentcx_fgu_1_curr
LCL428 Currentlcl428_curr
CX RF Switch D Currentcx_rf_switch_d_curr
CX Demod A Currentcx_demod_a_curr
Wheel 3 Currentwheel_3_curr
CX RF Switch C Currentcx_rf_switch_c_curr
Star Sensor DPU B Currentstar_tracker_dpu_b_curr
Heater PDM4GRP2 Currentheater_pdm4grp2_curr
Heater PDM4GRP1 Currentheater_pdm4grp1_curr
CX TWTA B2 Currentcx_twta_b2_curr
CX TWTA B1 Currentcx_twta_b1_curr
LCL528 Currentlcl528_curr
CX DSU A Currentcx_dsu_a_curr
CDH A Non-Essential Currentcdh_a_ness_curr
Wheel 4 Currentwheel_4_curr
CX TWTA B3 Currentcx_twta_b3_curr
Heater PDM5GRP2 Currentheater_pdm5grp2_curr
Heater PDM5GRP1 Currentheater_pdm5grp1_curr