March 19, 2021

FAI Summary Plot


FAI Summary Plot

An FAI Summary plot is generated for each FAI turn-on session.

The FAI Summary plot contains six plots. All six plots are with respect to Universal Time and CASSIOPE ephemeris along the horizontal axis: geographic latitude (degrees), geographic longitude (degrees), altitude (km), magnetic latitude (degrees), and magnetic local time (hours).

The first panel is a keogram generated from the near infrared camera images, the second panel is the same but for the visible camera , the third panel is the mean signal on the central area of the CCD, the fourth panel is the solar inclination angle in degrees with respect to the spacecraft, the fifth panel shows the FAI operating mode, and the sixth panel is the exposure time of the images taken.

FAI has 3 operating modes: high resolution(256×280), medium resolution(128×140) and low resolution (64×70).