January 16, 2018

e-POP Science Team Meeting #18

The 18th e-POP Science Team Meeting (STM 18) will take place February 21-23, 2018, at the University of Saskatchewan, Institute of Space and Atmospheric Science (ISAS) in Saskatoon.

The primary objective of STM 18 is to help prepare Science Team members for the new synergistic scientific opportunities from the coordinated e-POP/Swarm operation.


Download the program: STM_18 Agenda (as of Feb 20)

Link to all e-POP STM presentations: http://bit.ly/epop-stm-presentations

We are glad to be honoring Drs. Leroy Cogger, Gordon James, Jean-Pierre St.-Maurice, and Don Wallis for their many contributions to the e-POP mission at this year’s Science Team Meeting.


A block of rooms has been reserved for STM 18 attendees at both the Park Town Hotel and the Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon.

Park Town Hotel
Phone: 306-244-5564
***Phone-in only to receive rate plus breakfast***
Booking code: “ePOP – University of Saskatchewan Physics Department” OR 258171
1-2 Queen beds
$135/night + 14% tax
Shuttle service available
Parking is extra
Room booking deadline: Friday, January 26

Sheraton Cavalier Hotel
Phone: 306-652-6770
***Phone-in only to receive reduced rate***
Booking code: “ePOP – University of Saskatchewan Physics Department” OR “EB20AA”
$139/night plus taxes
If you have problems, ask to talk to Sales Manager: Kayla Michalenko
Room booking deadline: Monday, February 5
Note: Check after that date if Traditional rooms are still available – if so, you should still get this discounted rate.

Note: The banquet will be at the Sheraton on Thursday February 22


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