e-POP Payload on CASSIOPE

The e-POP payload consists of eight scientific instruments that aid in reaching the project's scientific goals:

Instrument Description PI Scientific Output
CERCoherent EM Radio TomographyBernhardtElectron content
FAIFast Auroral ImagerCoggerInfrared and visible images
GAPGPS Attitude and Profiling ExperimentLangleySpacecraft position and attitude
IRMImaging and Rapid-Scanning Ion Mass SpectrometerYauLow energy ion detection
MGFFluxgate MagnetometerWallis3-D magnetic field and currents
NMSNeutral Mass SpectrometerHayakawa0.1-2km/s neutral particles
RRIRadio Receiver InstrumentJamesRadio wave propagation
SEISuprathermal Electron ImagerKnudsenLow energy electron detection

The e-POP instruments on CASSIOPE

The e-POP instruments are supported by Cascade, the companion commercial payload on CASSIOPE, which permits the on-board storage of up to 75 GB of e-POP data. This data can be downlinked to the ground at a rate of over 300 Mbits/s, allowing the e-POP payload to capture up to 15 GB per day of valuable scientific data.

The animation below shows the orbit trajectory of one day of e-POP operation (14 orbits). The payload is able to sample a large set of local times, and all latitudes below 81°.

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